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Who we are

Excelsiortronics is a Comprehensive Electrical Power Solutions Provider. We know and understand what a challenging task it can be to identify and solve even the simplest of electrical concerns. Hence, we go out of our way not only to offer comprehensive solutions for all your electrical needs; but to also provide you with the information and resources suitable for you to make educated decisions about which solutions are best for you, your appliances and projects(solar, inverters installation etc..

With Excelsiortronics, you are enlisting the expertise of an organization that is exceeding the expectations of customers since its inception. As a registered and licensed electrical contractor, we offer the peace of mind, confidence, and reliability that come with experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Our Vision

  • Providing quality, and comprehensive solutions to electric power supply problems/challenges at all levels.

  • Empowering residents, organizations and communities, by unlocking it's industrial and economic potential through access to a safe, reliable and affordable electricity.

Our mission

  • To solve security challenges with the use of SOLAR powered devices.

  • To develop world-class electrical infrastructure by creating new solutions for solving electric power supply problems.

  • To establish training and learning platforms to empower interested individuals with the right skills to help them thrive in Electrical/Electronics Engineering sector.

Our Services

Professional Services

Excelsiortronics will provide you with quality engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance services for all electric power transmission and distribution with the design, implementation, quality and integrity you need, as well professionalism you deserve.
Our service markets include;
– Residential
– Commercial
– Industrial.


Inverter/Solar installation

We construct and install inverter/solar systems.


CCTV installation

We also install CCTV camera/Security devices


Electrical Wiring

General Electrical house wirings

Customer Service

You deserve the very best! Therefore, quality performance is a result of our ability to understand your specific needs, and provide systematic and sustainable solutions to resolve the demands of your electrical needs and project. We work with you to plan, coordinate, execute and verify. These efforts proves our commitment

to perform all of our work in a safe manner and to meet and exceed the quality expectations of our customers.


We view every project as a fresh opportunity for continuous improvement. This results in maximum cost effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity for our customers. Realizing the rapid pace of new innovative product solutions reaching the marketplace, and ever changing electrical code revisions and requirements, we take pride in the educating and training of our team members to offer our customers the latest in electrical safety, convenience, and improvements.

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